Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Style challange

This week :icondesign-a-character: style challenge to create a character in the art style of Chris Sanders.
Ive always loved his work so this was a lot of fun trying to draw in his style. :D You guys know i love drawing women so its win win 4 me! :XD: lolz
I hope I did his style justice!


Joe Heredia said...

Good Job. It's very close to Chris Sanders stuff

Aoife said...

really nice. definitely does it justice. you can tell from a mile away that its sanders style;)

Lee said...

Fantastic work! I still need to do mine this week!

Laqua said...

Very nice Kei.
I love the Chris Sanders drawing.
I has make a mermaid with the same style... its look good! When I post in my deviant I send you a message.

god bless