Tuesday, 12 June 2012


More Daenerys game of thrones fan art, :)
Cant wait for the next series!!!! 


Laura said...

Hi sweetheart!
I just want to say I LOVE your drawings and your blog, are all so cute :3 Waiting for more of that awesome drawings.

Laura ♥

Robin Chakraborty said...

she looks lovely! Daenerys Targaryen is one of my favorite characters including Arya Stark! :D

Komal said...

Oh wow - I absolutely LOVE this; just finished reading Game of Thrones - major!

Samantha said...

Your designs are so gorgeous would love it if we'd follow eachother's blogs


Samantha said...

Your designs are so gorgeous, would love for us to follow eachother's blogs, my design blog is under construction but my inspiration blog is


Manuela Bof said...

Hi Kei
I absolutely love your drawings. I just fell in love at first sight of them on Pinterest. They are so adorable, sweet, beautiful and so lovingly made. You make every girl feel so pretty. My compliments to your talent. *falling on my knees*