Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mermaid tattoo... colours?

This was based on a biro sketch I drew upside down on my arm for my next tattoo check it out on my tumbler [link] Obviously if I do decide to get it tattooed it will be a lot simpler and I'll probs change my mind a hundered times about the colours. I already have a pentagram on my arm that I had done 7 years ago and the mermaids I tried to draw around it, and tried to make the most of the space on my arm. :heart:

Whats the best colours to have tattoo wise, I want something that wont fade 2 much over time.
Any suggestions from those of you who have tats? I hope you all like.


Vidula said...

Even this 1..If it gets tattood same..its going to look real nice.

Kei Phillips said...

Thanks! :D