Saturday, 26 June 2010

Pin up game artwork

A while ago I was commissioned by *dolldivine to create artwork for a dress up game.
All the coding was done by *dolldivine and artwork by me apart for the backgrounds and a few of the extra little items that *dolldivine so nicely added to give the game an extra kick! Click image to play the game on my deviantart page or visit


Ponga said...

I played to "Pin Up Maker" by chance,and I'm in love!!!
Your works are wonderful....congratulations....<3

P.S:Excuse me, but my eglish isn't perfect because I'm italian!!!

See you soon...^____^

Ryan Green said...

Does it take away any of my masculinity if I enjoy playing with this??

PAU said...


Lee said...

Saw these over at DA. Super work as always. hats off to you!

Kei Phillips said...

Thanks guys! much appreciated. :)
Ryan, nah I dont think it makes you less masculin as long as you have a moustached to counteract it?!

Ken said...

looks awesome, well done indeed!