Tuesday, 19 August 2008

spin me


Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Kei,

I know it has a been a while for us both eh? i'm pretty impressed with you posts, i took a quick scroll and i have to say you've improved quite a bit since i last saw your work.
Your knowledge of flash for drawing and coloring is great, i'm not even sure how you pulled off some of the work!
Great stuff, thanks for stopping by! I'll try and stop by myself more often.


Gnarfdeath said...

wow! nice work!

Alina Chau said...

Love the design style!

chilin casita said...

aaa nice very very nice work me gusta a lot ¡¡¡ I've never been able to draw girls i try but i can yours are really prettys ¡

dintoons said...

ah sweet stuff!!
lovely flash illos kei, what a joy to see your work getting more and more delicious, appealing and supercute... yummy eyecandy!!
thanx so much for the inspiration, and thanx for sharing! take care :o)

Ken said...

hey kei, I got to say, your work just gets better and better. wow, this is so cool. Next time Im down your way, please show me how you use flash!!! Inspiring.

Oscar Rosales said...

Awesome stuff!!!

LauraBraga said...

Hi Kei!!:D
Great picture and great design.
I really really like this picture.
My best compliments!!


&Rew said...

great piece key - the striped sox are hawt.


bog_art said...

I can say the same my friend.. great new posts!.. I don't know how you can do your girls so sexy.. ;)

Alexei Martins said...


Fred Studart said...

Great job! Really cute.
You are an excellent artist!