Tuesday, 4 December 2007

thats the spirit ; )

Merry Christmas ;)


RoB said...

Hey Kei!

Thanks for stopping by my area and saying all the wonderful words!

Awesome Christmas drawing! I love the colors and the pose! Great job as always!


Ken said...

merry christmas!

I love how the hair is a christmas tree :D

great work as usual

David DeGrand said...

Very Christmas-y, awesome illustration!

Ramses said...

great! the character and color are fantastic!

Oscar González Loyo said...

Great Artwork!!!!!!!!

Greetings from México!!!

dan szilagyi said...

hi Kei

merry christmas to you too, these are really cute and good!
keep it up in the new year!


Fighter Jet said...

superb drawing!

bog_art said...

Ohh.. sooo sweeet!!.. yes, that is the spirit!!..

Samolo- Manuel A. Molohua Hernández said...

Hey kei! hehehe, just saying hi!
great blog and work as usual.

Alexei Martins said...

WOW!!Love love the cristmas tree drawing!!!


Laila said...

merry Christmas, I love your style,, nice lots of new things on your side since last time I looked by, gives me stress to get moving posting something new...
happy new year, and look forword to fly by your side again soon